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Nasal direct masks

Buy CPAP Nasal Masks and Pillow Masks Online in Australia

Why should you use a CPAP Nasal Mask?
Obstructive sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder where the upper airways are obstructed. This leads to intermittent pausing of breathing when you are sleeping. For this condition Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is commonly needed. This involves using a CPAP nasal mask that is connected to a small machine that pumps air into the patient’s airways. Though the treatment itself is easy and convenient, you must invest time in finding a suitable CPAP nasal mask for yourself.

CPAP nasal masks resemble a rounded and triangular-shaped dome, which conveniently fits over your nose. It comes in different sizes and styles, and you receive air through the designated space in the mask. It is beneficial if you are a side sleeper and find a full-face mask uncomfortable. On the other hand, nasal masks make it easier to sleep even when they are pressed against the pillow so they are great for those who breathe through their nose and need high-pressure masks.

Who should use a CPAP Nasal Pillow mask?
Also known as nasal cushions, CPAP pillow masks are smaller masks, which rest under the nostrils with unobstructed headgear. Unlike full-face nasal masks, they are easier to wear when going to bed. You insert the nasal mask at the outer edge of the nostrils, and the two pillows seal to your nose to deliver direct pressure compared to other CPAP masks.

CPAP nasal pillow masks are designed for easy adjustment and comfort, as the cushion comes in different thickness levels. In addition, they have dual wall-flaps that offer ergonomic support and comfort when sleeping, along with a built-in flexible chamber that keeps the mask in place.

This allows the nasal mask to seal onto the face and nose even for side sleepers, without readjusting the mask. It has a flexible frame, which adapts to your changing movements throughout the night. Due to the ResMed CPAP nasal mask’s silicone-based headgear and soft wraps, you won’t feel pressure and get marks even when you sleep on your side. They are suitable for those with facial hair, breathe through their nose, experience claustrophobia with full-face CPAP masks and change positions when sleeping.

ResMed nasal masks are also suited for side sleepers who need a high-pressure setting but find it challenging to handle the forced air pressure as nasal masks minimise pressure and prevent leakage.

What is the difference between a Nasal Mask and a Nasal Pillow?
Nasal masks cover the nose, while the nasal pillow masks rest at the entrance of your nostrils. Your choice of mask entirely depends on your preferences and requirements, such as nasal and sinus issues and claustrophobia.
For optimum use of CPAP nasal masks, you must only wear the correct size. With smaller masks, air leaks out around them and reduces the treatment’s efficiency. On the other hand, a too-large mask stretches the nostrils uncomfortably. In addition, the plastics on the masks often irritate patients with sensitive skin, but these are uncommon complications.

How to clean a CPAP Nasal Pillow mask?
To clean your CPAP nasal pillow mask daily, disassemble it into its components (frame, elbow and headgear) and soak them in warm water with mild liquid soap. Next, wash the frame and elbow with a soft bristle brush, and clean the headgear with your fingers. Next, thoroughly rinse these components under running water and gently squeeze the frame sleeves on a clean towel to remove water. Finally, leave the components to dry away from direct sunlight. Alternatively, use CPAP mask cleaners or baby shampoo, but do not use soaps with artificial fragrances.

How often should I replace my Nasal Pillows?
Replace your CPAP nasal masks every three months, which is the rigid plastic portion of the interface. In addition, you should replace the soft plastic pillows or cushion inserts regularly, which touches the face.

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