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Affordable Products & Great Service

Thanks to Chris at MyCPAP for making this therapy affordable without compromising on quality or service.

Ian Northcott

My CPAP Listened and Understood What I Needed

A few months ago I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea. I started by hiring a machine but this one caused a huge problem with swallowed air. The place I was hiring this from just told me that I would get used to it, however, the pain was too great for this to be an option.

I started phoning around and eventually got onto Chris at MyCPAP who quickly understood where I was coming from and was able to suggest a machine that would be suitable. I hired his suggestion for a month & it proved that Chris was totally correct. I have now bought my machine from MyCPAP online & found the service to be very quick & easy to use. On top of that I have found Chris to be a great source of information & he has the ability to listen to me & to reassure me about my use of the machine & any questions I have. I can’t recommend MyCPAP highly enough – it has made this whole procedure much easier than I initially thought it would be. The after sales service has been of a high standard.

Now sleeping up to 7hrs a night with “the thing”

Judith Green

They Spent Time Helping Me Get Comfortable With My Machine

I have been using CPAP for many months and then decided to buy but couldn’t afford a machine. MyCPAP made this affordable and the service was excellent. Not only did they know their products but they spent plenty of time with me to make me feel comfortable with using CPAP.

Peter Falcon

Efficient Service, Great Product!

I live in an area where it is difficult to gain access to on-line services. I was happy to know that MyCPAP had an agent in my area and when I called them they were patient with my request. I couldn’t believe how efficient they were and when the machine arrived within a couple of days it was great. I would certainly recommend these guys.

John Robson

Knowledgeable & Helpful Staff

I needed a BIPAP machine which was unusual and many suppliers don’t know how to deal with this. Chris was excellent and certainly had great knowledge and made me feel confident. A representative flew to my town and saw me and I have benefited greatly.

Judy Davidson

Great service, efficient and friendly

Great service, efficient and friendly!

Kerri Tavison

I Highly Recommend My CPAP Over All Other Suppliers

I would recommend MyCPAP over all on-line suppliers. To know I have a local agent really gave me confidence that I would get educated on my equipment.

Peter Raju

Unbelievable Prices and Service

Thanks MyCPAP, you are true indication of how the internet can help people get a good deal but not miss on the service. I couldn’t believe the pricing and when Chris told me there was also education with the machine I was wrapped.

Kate He

MYCPAP Exceptional Customer Care and Service.

I have been using cpap therapy for my sleep apnea now for 5 years going on to 6 years.
My old cpap machine no longer worked, so i scoured the internet to find the best possible deal to buy a new one. All the retailers in my local area were way too expensive to buy from including the entire state of Victoria. I finally found MYCPAP online and called Chris direct, i may add this was on a sunday.
No one allows you to call them on sundays !!!!
I was desperate to get a machine fast.
Chris listened to what i told him very carefully about my sleep disorders and then organised a new machine that was far better for me to use and at a very affordable price, to be sent to me express the next day. I had my New machine by Tuesday and i’ve loved using it ever since, i now send my machines chip to Chris at MYCPAP every time i am going to see my specialist and i get a full monthly detailed report posted to me very promptly to take to my Drs.
I took my machine to a local dealer once for a printout as it was Xmas and it cost me allot just for a summary, only 1 page, this did very little to help my specialist understand what’s really going on in my sleep.
I highly recommend using MYCPAP to anyone that wants expert advice and very affordable prices on their sleep apnea care needs.
Thats why i will only use MYCPAP the customer service and after care is exceptional and i will continue to use them for the rest of my days.

Monica A Allan

fantastic service

I recently bought a mask from MyCPAP and explained to the company that I needed this urgently and they were able to have this shipped out the same day and we received this the next morning. I was originally confused by the name of the mask and by talking to the operator I found them very helpful in guiding me through the process. The search function was very good with respect to finding the name of the mask I needed.

John roberts

My 3rd time.

I’ve just made my 3rd purchase from MyCpap, and on each occasion I’ve been extreamly happy with the product, price, before and after sales services.
I first discovered I had sleep apnea 18 months ago and it was costing me “a pot of gold” to hire a machine in my local area. Being a disability pensioner this wasn’t working out for me and with living in regional Queensland we have no quick access to the “Public Health System’s Service” based in Brisbane some 7-8 hours away from where we live to gain access to the “Free Hire Service along with following up Visits”.
So I decided that long term it was best to buy my own Cpap machine and have the follow up visits here until I got onto the Public System, who’s machines i’am now told are very old and don’t work that well.
I priced the Cpap machines at our Local Health & Surgical Supply Store, and I nearly hit the floor in shock at the price they were charging, so began my online search for a cheap quality product backed up by quality service and MyCpap stood out. So my 1st big online purchase was the REMSTAR Auto A Flex / System One Heated Humidfier a long with some other extras I knew I needed ovèr time. Prior to shipping my order out to me the very experienced staff applied the “settings as predetermined” by the Private Services that was overseeing my treatment for “Sleep Apnea”.

I highly recommend MyCpap as trustworthy on before and after Sales service and advice, quality products at a cheaper price. I saved around $700-$800 on the purchase price of the REMstar and around $40 each on my other 2 purchase’s, oh and let’s not forget the money I saved by not hiring a Cpap machine.

Ms Karen Wynne

Don’t buy from anyone else

After putting off buying my machine it was time to thoroughly search the net, I came across MyCPAP and found the best prices than anywhere else placed my order from Sydney to Brisbane (yes these guys were cheaper than Brisbane prices) my machine arrived, carefully packaged and just as advertised. I had rung the company just to ask a few questions not only did they listen to me , my machine arrived all pre set for my needs, I was so impressed with customer service it was amazing, I called to ask the owner name to send him a thank you letter to his staff and I was talking to the owner himself, good service, great prices, great customer assistance buy from here

Susan Keech

I would like to say

I would like to say thank you to Chris my contact person for my order. It was spot on. I also got a pleasant surprise to receive a row of filters and a cap cover, also an extra small plastic face strap to connect to the head strap.
I will be dealing with you again for both myself and my husband.
Ruth B.

Ruth Brazier

I recently upgraded my CPAP

I recently upgraded my CPAP machine to a Resmed Autoset 10 at an excellent price that was only surpassed by the great service. Highly recommended

Peter Dawson


Great service quick and reliable , any issue is explained and sorted out, had a warranty issue, solved our phone and express posted that day,


Great service and prompt replies

Very easy to deal with, great response time to questions and emails.
Product arrived with no issues , would highly recommend this company

Dani harrington

Great service

I would like at aknowledge how efficient Chris and his stay are. I desperately needed a new cushion to replace my broken one. It was shipped the same day and we received the next day
Thanks to MyCPAP I am sleeping well again

Peter Lloyd