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CPAP Filters

Buy CPAP Machine Filters Online in Australia

How do CPAP filters work?

CPAP filters in Australia are integral components of CPAP machines, as they purify the air before pressurising and delivering it into the airway. Filters protect the lungs while maintaining the functionality of the CPAP machine. Non-disposable filters must be removed from the CPAP machines as they can be reused (washed); disposable filters should be replaced and discarded.


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    Buy Resmed Airsense 10 / S9 Machine Filters in Australia

    Resmed Airsense 10 / S9 Filters

    Resmed filters are designed to prevent debris and pollen from entering your CPAP or VPAP Machine. These are available in multiple sizes and can be purchased in quantities of 2, 12 or 50 per packet. These filters are compatible for all Airsense 10 models...

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  • Buy Air Filters - ICON ICON+ CPAP Filters in Australia

    Air Filters - ICON / ICON+ (2 Pack)

    The ICON / ICON + filters are designed to prevent unwanted dust and debris from entering the CPAP machine. it is important to change these on a regular basis to maintain the CPAP in good working order. The filter is a graduated filter to optimise the...

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  • Buy AirMini Filter Pack - CPAP Filters Online in Australia

    AirMini Filter Pack

    The AirMini filter is located at the side of the machine and is a non washable filter which should be changed at least every 2 months. The filter protects the inside of the machine and if these are not changed regularly dust will enter the machine and...

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  • Filter for HC600 Series (pack of 2) Icon CPAP filter fisher & paykel

    Filter for HC600 Series (pack of 2)

    The Filter for the HC600 series is a basic graduated filter which will last for approximately 2 months before it should be changed. The black line indicates the side of the filter that should be on the inside of the machine. The filter is graduated to...

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