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Best in Rest

  • CPAP Memory Foam Pillow

    CPAP Memory Foam Pillow

    Adjusting the way your body is aligned while sleeping can make a huge impact towards getting a good night’s rest. Our memory foam CPAP Pillow with herbal infusion is our promise and...

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  • CPAP Memory Foam Pillowcase

    CPAP Memory Foam Pillowcase

    This pillowcase is designed to be used with Best in Rest Memory Foam CPAP pillows and made with luxurious 100% bamboo which allows the CPAP pillow to breath.  The zippered pillowcase is...

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  • CPAP Pillow With Cooling Gel

    CPAP Pillow With Cooling Gel

    This Memory Foam CPAP Pillow comes with a layer of cooling gel to provide extra softness while keeping the CPAP user cool and comfortable throughout the night. The ventilated memory foam will...

    $110.00 $99.95
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