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Chin Strap

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    Buy Seatec SleepTight Mouth and Chin Strap Online

    Seatec SleepTight Mouth and Chin strap

    The mouth and chin version  covers the whole mouth whilst supporting the jaw as opposed to the standard version which just supports the jaw. These are very good when you have issues with lip leakage. This is different to the picture as pictures are...

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  • Seatec SleepTight Chin strap

    Seatec SleepTight Chin strap

    The Seatec chin straps was designed by a sleep technician who was frustrated by the chin straps available at that time. The purpose of a chin strap is to assist people with a nasal mask who also have mouth breathing and may want to prevent this from...

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  • Resmed Chin Restraint

    Resmed Chin Restraint

    There are many chin supports on the market and Resmed pride themselves in the production of a single simple strap. It has a cuff which will cup under the chin and the other end has Velcro which allows for tightening. This will ensure you have adequate...

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