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Buy CPAP Accessories and Machine Parts Online in Australia

  • Resmed S9 H5i Cleanable Chamber Online at Best Price

    Resmed S9 H5i Cleanable Chamber

    The H5i Cleanable chamber is designed for the H5i Humidifier which attaches to the S9 CPAP series. It has a stainless steel base and can be opened for cleaning and has a water measurement gauge to tell you where to fill the water level to. The stainless...

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  • Resmed SlimLine Tubing

    Resmed SlimLine Tubing

    The Resmed Slimline tubing has a standard 22m cuff which can be used with any brand of CPAP machine. It has no heating element and is a standard tubing but is lighter and has a smaller width to make it easier to manage when sleeping. These are very...

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  • Resmed Standard Tubing

    Resmed Standard Tubing

    Resmed standard tubing is a smoothbore tubing which is compatible with all CPAP brands and models. This is not a heated tube and can be used with either humidified CPAP or non humidified CPAP machines

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  • S9 90W PSU ( Power Supply Unit)

    S9 90W PSU ( Power Supply Unit)

    The S9 power supply unit is exclusive to the S9 series as it has a connector that is exclusive to this series. The 90W power pack is essential to be able to power the ClimateLine tubing.

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  • Standard Chamber for HC220/230 (each)

    Standard Chamber for HC220/230 (each)

    The standard chamber like many of the chambers from Fisher and Paykel has an aluminium plate which will corrode quite quickly when using tap water. These are designed for short term usage and when it is too dirty it is designed to throw away. The base of...

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  • Standard Chamber for HC600 Series

    Standard Chamber for HC600 Series

    The Standard Chamber for the 600 series has an aluminium base which is easily corrodible. It is suggested that you use distilled water however these chambers are designed for throwing away after approximately 6 months

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  • Standard Tubing Wrap

    Standard Tubing Wrap

    The Resmed Standard tubing wrap is a sophisticated insulator of the tube. People in winter who don’t use heated tubes can often experienced condensation in their mask and tubing. This occurs as the humidification loses energy in the tube and...

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  • Resmed AirMini Travel Case CPAP

    Resmed AirMini Travel Case

    The AirMini is perfectly designed for travel and this Travel case will provide an easy solution to protect your device. The AirMini Travel Case snugly holds the device to provide protection against daily knocks and spills while offering a quick and...

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