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Why is CPAP Filters Replacement Necessary?

Why is CPAP Filters Replacement Necessary?

Posted by Admin on 14th Jul 2021

You may only think of replacing the different components of the CPAP machine when they become worn out or appear dirty. However, you need to proactively look after, check and replace the CPAP machine filtersas per schedule. Therefore, it is essential to know when and why you need to replace the CPAP air filters.

The primary purpose is to filter the air before it enters the airway and reaches your nostrils. Therefore, the air filter plays a significant role in providing purified and clean air for breathing during CPAP therapy. This is the reason why it is essential to replace the CPAP machine filter at regular intervals. In this blog, we discuss why it is necessary to regularly change the air filters of the CPAP machine.

Why Should You Replace the CPAP Air Filter?

A regular change or replacement of the CPAP air filter has several positive effects on your sleep quality and the overall quality of the air in the lungs. The air filter performs the vital task of removing the dust particles, dirt, debris and pathogens from the air and provides you with clean as well as healthy air for breathing. That is why a clean air filter has various positive impacts on your health, and it also improves the longevity and performance of the CPAP machine. In addition, such preventive measures will save you money in the long term.

On the other hand, if the air filter is not cleaned for prolonged periods, the prolonged accumulation of dust articles debris will significantly impact its functions. Moreover, these dust particles and pathogens will get mixed with the high-pressure air that enters the airways. As a result, you will end up breathing highly unhealthy air in your CPAP masks in comparison to others in your family, even though you are using the machine to breathe. This impure air will have severe adverse effects on your body, causing many breathing and respiratory illnesses. In addition, this breathing of unhealthy air from the machine will defeat the entire purpose of the CPAP therapy.

For this reason, it is incredibly crucial to take care of the air filter and the tubing of the CPAP machine to ensure that the machine delivers optimum performance always. Air filters are the most significant component of the CPAP machine, and they should be replaced or cleaned at regular intervals to ensure pure and healthy air is provided to your airways . You can buy CPAP filters or a CPAP machineonline at MyCPAP.

It is imperative to treat your sleep apnea condition effectively. This would help you lead a healthy and good quality of life. However, if the sleep apnea condition is not treated correctly or if it is left untreated, then it could increase the chances of heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, and increase the chances of heart failure. Sleep apnea is a condition that needs long-term management with the help of practical tools such as the CPAP machine. With the help of the adequate replacement of CPAP machine filters and other components, you can ensure that the machine shows better performance for the long term.

When Should You Clean the Air Filter?

If you are using the CPAP machine regularly while sleeping, then the air filter should be cleaned or replaced every month based on the usage and the types of the air filter. The CPAP machine filters can catch pathogens and bacteria from the air and restrict them from entering the airway. However, if the filter is not cleaned for prolonged periods, then these pathogens and bacteria can enter the airway and into your respiratory system, causing various respiratory problems.

Air filters should be cleaned or replaced after 4 weeks. If the home has pets and smokers, then the filters need to be cleaned or replaced more frequently.

Types of CPAP Air Filter

Most CPAP machines use a dual filter system. One of the filters is inbuilt near the air intake area of the machine. This is a filter that contains an absorbent foam that could be detached and removed for washing.

The purpose of this permanent filter is to remove most of the particulate matter which is found in the air inside the bedroom. The particulate matter may include airborne tars, dust mites, and pet dander.

The 2nd filter in CPAP masks is comparatively thin and made of paper. This filter is easily disposable and needs a regular replacement for the best air results.

This paper filter is designed to fit inside the inbuilt filter and block any finer debris that may have gone past the larger permanent filter.

Air filters are the most significant component of the CPAP machine, and they should be replaced or cleaned at regular intervals to ensure pure and healthy air is provided to your airways for breathing. If you want to buy CPAP machine filters or buy CPAP filters, please visit MyCPAP today.