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Useful Tips to Know While Living with CPAP for a Better Experience

Useful Tips to Know While Living with CPAP for a Better Experience

Posted by Admin on 18th Nov 2020

There are many useful tips to help you adjust and adapt to living and breathing with a CPAP face mask. Gradually, you will be so accustomed to the mask that you will not even notice its presence. Let us check out the useful tips to help you live calmly with the CPAP masks.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like anything else that you do for the very first time, the CPAP mask would also feel weird the first time you wear it. However, you need to get used to wearing the mask and breathing. If you do not get used to wearing the mask, you will experience trouble when sleeping with it on. Rather than wear it for the first time when going to bed, try to wear it much before bedtime and spend as much time as possible with the machine before you go to sleep for the night. If you are in the house during the day and simply sitting around, wear the mask for some time and get used to the CPAP machine.

Use the CPAP Mask Regularly

This would be one of the most significant phases of getting used to sleep apnea reversal therapy. Doctors generally call it patient compliance. When you start using the CPAP machine, make sure you use it on all nights regularly as suggested by the physician. The face mask and the machine could be uncomfortable initially, but with regular use, you will get accustomed to the mask. Mould yourself into a routine, and make it a point to put on your mask as soon as you complete your routine.

If you are a CPAP novice, avoid taking short naps because they will reduce your nights sleep duration. Not taking naps is a great habit, because it tires you well by night, which increases your need to get some sound sleep. This will help the machine to work uninterrupted, giving you the best breathing experience.

Make Adjustments to the CPAP Face Mask Regularly

Your face mask will need certain adjustments each night. If you wake up with red marks on the face, loosen the face mask slightly. If the mask falls from your face, tighten it to perfectly fit your face. Even though the equipment provider or your physician has personally adjusted yourCPAP face mask, you could still customise the adjustments to make it more comfortable to wear.

While adjusting, lie down on the bed. This will ensure that the fitting is perfectly adjusted to the facial structure and feature while you are in a lying down position. Sometimes air enters the mask due to leaks in the seal. This happens when you attempt to seal the mask in a sitting or standing position. Therefore, lie down while doing the adjustment to achieve the best results with your sleep apnea therapy.

The Mask Should be the Best Fit

Before you start trying the CPAP masks, do some research and find the right mask for yourself. The best thing to do is to have an idea of the right mask before you try out the options.

If you still find any difficulty in selecting the right face mask, you should then consult your physician or doctor. They will suggest the right face mask options for you after determining your needs and your facial features.

Discuss your requirements in detail, including your sleep patterns and your method of sleeping, i.e., whether you sleep straight on your back or on the sides. This open discussion will allow the doctor to identify the right type of face mask for your needs. The face mask is a long-term purchase, plus, you will be using the equipment daily while sleeping. And the equipment will be attached to your face for the entire duration of your sleep. Make sure that you get the right fitting face mask, or else you may end up with red skin and rashes, which makes using face masks very uncomfortable.

With the help of these useful tips and tricks, you can lead a comfortable life with your CPAP machines. If you want more information about CPAP machines in Australia, get in touch with us at MyCPAP today.