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Tips for Buying a Full Face Mask That Meets Your Needs

Tips for Buying a Full Face Mask That Meets Your Needs

Posted by Admin on 19th Jan 2021

No matter how much we run throughout the day, we do not like to miss out on our sleep. Having sound sleep is extremely important for us, physically and emotionally too. It is when we sleep that our bodies receive relaxation and build resources for another day.

For people who have difficulty in breathing while sleeping for reasons like asthma, sleep apnea, etc., sleep might not be as comfortable and relaxing. They have to make use of external resources to keep the oxygen levels high and respiration intact while sleeping, else it may affect their sleeping pattern. There is also a possibility of the machines and the therapy hindering sleep in the beginning. The key to making sure that it does not happen, one has to take utmost care of comfort during therapy administration.


Therapy and CPAP Full Face Masks

The efficiency of CPAP therapy depends on how correctly the components of it are used. One such important component is the mask. There are various kinds of masks that are used and people prefer them as per their comfort. One type of mask is the full face variety, which provides coverage to the entire face, thereby reducing the chances of leakage. These masks are used widely by people as they improve the quality of therapies significantly. Let us see how people can choose from CPAP full face masks in Australia depending on their comfort and sleeping position.


  1. Side Sleepers

For people suffering from sleep apnea or any other respiratory disorder, it is generally recommended to sleep on the side. Side sleeping enables the opening of airways that can reduce your body’s need for high-pressure air. However, it may create problems for people who want to sleep on their sides while wearing CPAP full face masks.


In such cases, one should pick masks that have unique hose connections enabling greater comfort for side sleepers. Because of the hose, the head’s crown area gets covered well. Because of the soft interiors, one also gets a comfortable lining of cushion inside. This kind of material choice offers patients a comfortable sleeping position without breaking the mask seal and leaking air out. When you see a CPAP full face mask for sale, opt for it as it is the best for side sleepers.


  1. Stomach Sleepers

For people who are used to sleeping on their stomach, sleep apnea troubles them a little lesser. Gravity helps by opening the airways organically and it becomes easier for them to breathe. If you are sleeping with the mask on, sleeping on the stomach is the biggest challenge because the mask will keep getting in between and that will end up disrupting your sleep. At that time, a CPAP full face mask can be extremely helpful.

It has a hose to rest the crown of the head, which keeps part of the mask away from the mouth. It also has a 360-degree rotation feature that allows the tubes to move and adjust freely. That prevents one from getting themselves tangled in the tubes during sleep, resulting in undisrupted CPAP therapy.


  1. High Pressure

For people who require high-pressure air, they would require masks of higher ranges. Many times, when airflow pressure is high, the seal of the mask is unable to take it and the seal breaks off. That creates discontinuation in the therapy. That may also disturb your sleep.


Hence, it is advisable to use marks of stronger capacity that can take the high pressure. Full face masks provide a stronger seal and grip for your skin. They come with an adjustable fitting capacity that allows flexibility for the face of the user.


  1. CPAP Full Face Mask for Women

Many women require higher pressure masks but in a smaller size. Some complain that many times the higher pressure ones come in larger sizes, which again creates fitting problems, causing the leak in therapy. Keeping in mind the needs of female users, experts have come up with a mask that females can enjoy without having to compromise on the quality of their therapy. Because of its features, despite providing firm support, it offers lesser indentations on the face as well as forehead.


At MyCPAP, we have a set of CPAP full face masks for sale. Rest assured, for we will help you find the right mask for you.