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The Perfect Guide for Purchasing a CPAP Machine

The Perfect Guide for Purchasing a CPAP Machine

Posted by Admin on 16th Nov 2020

Choosing the correct CPAP machine can be a daunting task. Most of the time, you are spoilt for choices given the wide variety of CPAP machine options available in the market today. So, what option will you choose? What option will be suited for your needs? Here is the guide to buying the right CPAP machines in Australia for your sleep apnea therapy.


Comfort is among the most critical outcomes expected from a well-rested night of sleep. Before you purchase a specific CPAP machine model, you must ensure that the mask has every feature you require. A few of the functions might seem less or more significant to your needs. Therefore, consider all the features you want in the CPAP machine. The ideal CPAP machine should contain:

  • User-friendly menu
  • Slope data access
  • Heated tubing
  • Improved humidification
  • Ramp feature
  • Compact travel device
  • Quieter machine motor

Improved Humidification

The latest CPAP models have built-in humidification. These CPAP machines are easy to assemble, refill and clean. The new CPAP machines provide consistent humidification all through the night, without causing any condensation within the tubing. These air heated tubes with the latest climate control tech are implemented to control the air temperature inside the humidifier via the mask’s tubing for an extra comfortable experience.

Auto Ramp

You can make your CPAP machine usage more comfortable with the help of the ramp feature. It allows the air pressure to begin on a low level and gradually reaches the recommended pressure levels for your sleep apnea therapy.

Additionally, the latest CPAP machines can detect sleep. In the beginning, low-pressure air is delivered to provide greater comfort. Only after the system has detected that you’ve fallen asleep, it gradually increases the air pressure to the prescribed setting.

Automatic Start

The new CPAP machines carry a Smart Start feature. This feature allows the CPAP machine to begin the airflow the moment you exhale into the face mask.

Quiet/Soft operation

The old CPAP machines could be a little noisy while operating at approximately 70 decibels. Though CPAP machines today still make some noise while operating, their noise levels are far lower compared to their older counterparts.

Example: The AirSense 10 comes with a 26.6-decibel sound level. It has received wonderful reviews for its quieter operations from its users. These machines employ a quieter “easy-breathe” motor, which creates a peaceful environment to aid sleep during the night. It’s not just quiet, rather, it is among the top CPAP machines available today. This machine provides all the critical features that you would need in a CPAP machine for your sleep apnea therapy.

Auto versus Fixed CPAP Machines

There are 2 kinds of sleep apnea machines: automatic pressure and fixed pressure. The two machine types, however, are indistinguishable in their size and appearance, the difference lies in their functions, i.e., the methods used to circulate the air and set the air pressure is different for both the models.

The fixed pressure CPAP machine is a standard model derived from the original concepts of developing such machines to deliver sleep therapy by consistent and manually preset air pressure.

Theautomatic pressure sleep apnea machines have an advanced circulatory mechanism. It assesses the breathing and adjusts and reacts to deliver appropriate air pressure to keep the airways open during sleep. This air pressure adjustment is dependent on several factors, like, different or irregular breathing patterns, or the changes in your lifestyle, weight and medication. Therefore, automatic CPAP machines deliver added accommodation and fulfilling sleep therapy. This is also why it is more expensive than fixed pressure counterparts.

The CPAP machine that is right for one may not necessarily be the choice for another. Every individual has different requirements and they need customized solutions for their sleep apnea conditions. But when you know what you want in your CPAP machine, you can arrive at a better decision regarding which CPAP supplies to purchase.

Seek the advice of physicians and doctors and try different equipment before making your decision. Additionally, if you are searching for CPAP supplies online, you must visit MyCPAP today.