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The Essential Points For Understanding Your CPAP Machine

The Essential Points For Understanding Your CPAP Machine

Posted by Admin on 18th Jan 2021

Sleep apnea, also called obstructive sleep apnea, is a health condition that is marked by disruption of respiration while the person is sleeping. It happens in multiple events throughout the sleeping time, which last for a few moments. When it happens for a handful of seconds, it is not dangerous, but the possibility of it happening multiple times every night can turn lethal for a person. Moreover, there is a chance of reduction in the blood and oxygen flow to the brain, which may cause difficulty in higher cognitive functions of the person.

Sleep apnea and other respiratory issues make use of CPAP therapy - Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy. It involves the transmission of a pressurized oxygen airflow to your air canals by means of a machine. This makes sure to provide artificial respiration to you while you are asleep so that there is no break in the oxygen that is provided to your body.

How is CPAP therapy administered?

CPAP therapy makes use of an electronic machine that absorbs the air from your room and supplies it directly to your airways. CPAP therapy involves administering the machine aided process every time you sleep. It is a common misconception that CPAP has to be used only at night. Instead, CPAP must be used every time you sleep, including during your daytime naps. It is not necessarily affected by the time you sleep, but it is affected during the REM sleep pattern of your body.

Let us now learn about the components of the machine through which the CPAP therapy is administered.

CPAP machine accessories

The CPAP therapy is administered to a patient through a set involving a machine and other supportive accessories. It comprises a set of tubes that carries the pressured air to an individual’s airways and a mask that seals the air inside.

Let us have a look at components of CPAP machines. 

  1. The CPAP Machine

This is an electronic device that functions on electric charge or a battery. Its function is to absorb the air from the room and provide it to the person who is being administered the therapy. When the therapy is on, it absorbs the air and sets it pressure as required. Different people require different levels of oxygen and air pressure. The CPAP machines in Australia have an automatic system of providing this.

Some machines are designed to provide fixed air pressure throughout the therapy time, whereas some other machines, with advanced features, are able to adjust the air pressure throughout the night depending upon the oxygen pressure that the body might be needing at different times. Usually, when the person is just about to fall asleep or has just fallen asleep the body has not gone into the deep sleep mode and, hence, is able to respirate pretty well. But when the person reaches deep sleep mode, it might be difficult for the person to breathe organically.

Also, it is difficult to fall asleep when high-pressure airflow is being administered. So, the machines that have automatic air pressure feature adjust the air pressure as per the requirements of the body. It starts with low oxygen pressure, and then as the person falls asleep, it increases the air pressure.

Depending on such requirements, different types of machines are available in the market. When you go to buy a CPAP machine, you will also find out that there are different kinds of machines that are available in compact forms for the people who travel frequently. These machines perform the same tasks with a very small volume, which makes travelling easier for the person.

  1. Tubes

These carry the pressurized airflow from the machine to the mask. The tubes are vital in the administration of CPAP therapy as the person cannot receive the pressure of the airflow without the tubes carrying it efficiently. The tubular components have to be of good quality so that pores are not formed on it, leading to leakage of the airflow.

The tubes must be heat resistant since depending on their preference, people might need to use the humidifier to reduce the dryness of the airflow. That would also increase the temperature of the airflow slightly. When you buy a CPAP machine, you should make sure to pay attention to the quality of the tubes.

  1. Masks

Electronic machines absorb the air and tubes carry it to the masks. The mask is there to make sure that the air around the user’s nose is sealed so that the pressurized airflow does not leak. This step is vital for the effective administration of the therapy, without which the pressurized airflow would not really reach the patient appropriately.

The earlier model of the CPAP machines allowed the use of the mask that covers the entire face. But there are a lot of people who feel claustrophobic after wearing the mask. With new inventions, now the masks can be chosen from the models that cover only your nose. Such masks are called the “nasal masks” or “nasal pillow masks”. In stores having CPAP supplies in Australia, nasal masks rank number one.

The next time you want detailed accurate information about CPAP therapy or wish to buy a CPAP machine, visit MyCPAP.