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Reasons Why You Should Wear a Full Face Mask with Your PAP Device

Reasons Why You Should Wear a Full Face Mask with Your PAP Device

Posted by Admin on 12th Mar 2021

● Sleeping with Your Mouth Open

If you experience pressurized air escaping from the nasal mask while you open your mouth, then you need to switch over to the full face CPAP masks. If air escapes while using the nasal mask due to the leakage in the sealing, the air pressure in the airway decreases. As a result, the entire purpose of the CPAP therapy may take longer to take effect.

● Your Mouth is Dry When You Wake up

When you wake up in the morning and experience that your mouth is dry, then you may have been blowing out air from your mouth while sleeping. This situation is worse considering that the pressurised air is blowing in through the nose while the air is escaping out of the mouth. This escape of air or blowing out of the air through the mouth defeats the purpose of using the CPAP machine during your sleep, as the CPAP is not able to blow in the requiredpressurised air into your nostrils.

Due to the reduction in the CPAP air pressure, the therapy becomes less effective. As a result, you will have an uncomfortable sleep. You may wake up in the middle of the night due to a dry mouth and your sleep apnea will take longer to get treated.

● Nasal Blockage or Nasal Congestion

If you have nasal congestion or blockage due to illness (nasal infection, virus and cold), allergies, etc. then you may face difficulty in using the nasal CPAP mask. This means that the CPAP therapy through the nasal pillow mask or the nasal mask will be ineffective as the air will not be able to enter your airways due to the blockage.

Full-face CPAP masks that fit correctly onto your face and properly sealed, will ensure that you receive the required pressurised air. You will get a good sleep even with the blocked nose due to the proper flow of pressured air through your mouth. Thus your CPAP treatment will provide the desired effect with the CPAP full face mask in case of nasal congestion or blockage.

● Higher CPAP Pressure

Nasal CPAP masks are ideal for low or medium air pressure inflow into your airways. However, if the specialist has prescribed higher air pressure for your sleep apnea condition, then the nasal mask or nasal pillow mask may prove ineffective and you may experience a higher level of discomfort while using the mask. Air pressure of below 15cmH2O can be handled easily by the nasal mask and the nasal pillow mask. However, if the air pressure requirement goes above the 15cmH2O mark then the nasal mask proves ineffective in providing the right sealing to the mask.

As result, the pressured air leaks through the gaps, making the CPAP therapy ineffective and creating great discomfort in using the mask. The full face CPAP masks are designed to deliver higher air pressure into your airways. Moreover, they would perfectly fit into your face providing more comfort while breathing high-pressure air and allowing you to enjoy a good night's sleep.

These are the top reasons why individuals should wear the full face CPAP mask with their PAP machine to get the best benefits from CPAP therapy. You can find CPAP masks for sale online at MyCPAP.