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Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks - Advantages and Disadvantages

Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks - Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted by Admin on 9th Dec 2020

People diagnosed with the obstructive sleep apnea condition are mostly put on CPAP therapy which includes insertion of air pressure in the airways of the patient. The Continuous Positive Air Pressure therapy, also known as CPAP popularly, is beneficial as it maintains a continuous oxygen level for the body. Although it is the most common method of administering air pressure, because of the size of the mask, patients can feel anxious. Hence, a suitable alternative became the nasal pillow CPAP mask.

Nasal pillows

Anasal pillow mask is an alternative way of administering air pressure therapy with the help of plastic insertions being slid directly into the nostrils. These inserts, made of plastic, have earbud-like structure at the tips of it. When positioned correctly, they stay at the end of the user's nose. This method has been proven to be better for people having claustrophobia.

Advantages of Nasal Pillows

    ➤ The biggest advantage of nasal pillows is majorly related to claustrophobia. Generally, when CPAP is administered, there is a large CPAP mask placed on your face, which can worsen this anxiety. It becomes difficult for them to tolerate and feel better with a huge mask on. In such situations, nasal pillows come handy.

    ➤ Many a time, the traditional CPAP mask used for therapy is so huge that it is quite possible for it to cover your eyes. To avoid this situation, nasal pillows can be utilised. Nasal pillows have reduced direct contact with the facial area — especially the eyes —which makes it easier for you to see things clearly while undergoing therapy.

    ➤ Men sporting beards or moustaches have issues in sealing the traditional CPAP masks. They find it difficult fitting the regular masks around their face. The masks and gel are only of limited help, as a hairy surface is hard to seal, and there are chances of the mask allowing the air to escape. In such situations, nasal pillows become a more effective alternative since they provide air pressure directly in airways.

    ➤ To prevent air leak from the mask, the area has to be sealed. Because of the constant use of mask gels, mask liners and mask itself, there is a possibility of it leaving marks on your skin. In such cases, nasal pillows offer a hassle-free delivery of airflow. Since they are connected directly inside the nose, the damage to the skin is minimised.

    ➤ People who do not want to get used to a single kind of equipment use nasal pillows and standard masks interchangeably.

Shortcomings of Nasal Pillows

    ➤ While some people find nasal pillows absolutely bliss, there is a section of people who do not find the experience great. People having sensitive skin may develop some kind of allergy due to constant contact with plastic. If the pillows irritate or tickle the nostril, then there is a possibility of therapy experience being uncomfortable for you. In such cases, nasal pillows are not the best alternative.

    ➤ Another tricky aspect of the nasal pillow is their size. If it is too small, there is a possibility of air leaking through it which will eventually reduce the efficiency of the therapy for you. On the other hand, if the size of the nasal pillow is too big, it will put pressure on the nostril and would be an uncomfortable experience for you.

Although these shortcomings may develop some irritation, they can easily be solved by finding nasal pillows with proper fitting. After the adjustment period, one can enjoy the benefits of the item even if the initial experience seemed challenging.

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