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Key Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying CPAP Filters

Key Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying CPAP Filters

Posted by Admin on 7th Dec 2020

CPAP machines are a boon for people suffering from disorders related to breathing. It provides a continuous flow of air pressure to the patient so that they are never short of oxygen. CPAP machine users know it by experience that even though the machine is providing the therapy, there are other parts of it which are equally important. The CPAP machine consists of a mask and tubes which carry airflow pressure to the patient’s airways. While these parts are important, there is one small part of a CPAP machine that is constantly protecting the user by filtering the air out. That, appropriate to its function, is called a CPAP filter.

What are CPAP filters?

CPAP machine filtersare the structures in CPAP equipment that make sure that the air is well filtered for any minute particle, bacteria and viruses. These structures ensure that the air the patient is inhaling is clean. CPAP filters are of two types which are disposable filters and reusable filters.

Disposable Filters

Disposable filters are not made for long-term use. They are used till they get dirty and are replaced by a new filter. They are usually made of electrically charged paper so as to attract more dust particulars. Once the filter gets dirty, it has to be thrown out as a hazardous waste. Usually, the disposable filters last up to four weeks. But due to factors like excessive dust, pollution, it can come down to two weeks. So if you are someone who is not fond of cleaning can opt for these filters as they can be simply replaced with new ones. Disposable filters are affordable too. Their cost ranges from $2 to $12 in Australia.

Reusable Filters

Reusable filters, as the term suggests, can be cleaned and used again. Again, depending upon dust, pollution, pets, one may have to clean the filters frequently. Generally, a reusable filter can be cleaned once in a month. They are made from a silicon-like material which makes cleaning it easy and increases its longevity. In every machine, there is a filter hole at the back. One has to insert the filter inside the machine through the filter hole. The filter has a mesh side which has to be fixed in a certain way. Hence, it becomes very important to read instructions before you actually change the filters. The cost of reusable filters ranges from $6 to $15 in Australia.

In-line Outlet Bacteria Filters

This kind of filter, as the name suggests, filters out bacteria of all kinds. The above-mentioned filters also perform the same function. So when bacteria filters came into being, there were many speculations that people had about them. However, with research, it has been found that bacteria filters were actually very useful in filtering out problems like sinus and other nasal infections caused by bacteria. Since then, these filters have been very popular amongst CPAP filters in Australia.

Choosing a Correct Filter

Depending upon the kind of activities a patient is going to do and the local air quality, one can make an informed decision about choosing a CPAP filter. Our personal habits and preferences affect this decision to a great extent too. People who travel frequently should use disposable filters. A person who is just starting with the therapy can take reusable filters. The activities that a person undertakes also affects the risk factors. One can make a decision keeping all these factors in mind.

One important thing to know about choosing a correct filter is your comfort. What kind of material do you find useful and friendly? Depending upon the answer, you can decide upon your preference of CPAP filters. Browse our website to check out our range of filters.