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How to Clean & Sterilize Your CPAP Equipment in a Single Step?

How to Clean & Sterilize Your CPAP Equipment in a Single Step?

Posted by Admin on 11th Oct 2021

Patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea are recommended for sleep apnea therapy or CPAP therapy by the doctor. This therapy helps prevent the airways from collapsing during sleep at night by flowing pressurised air into the airways. This allows patients to cope with the sleep apnea condition and alleviate its symptoms. As a result, the patient gets good sleep at night and feels healthy and fresh when they wake up in the morning.

The doctor prescribes the correct type of CPAP machine after a detailed examination of the patient. Then, depending on their condition, they recommend appropriate air pressure settings so that the patient can breathe comfortably when sleeping at night.

The CPAP machine consists of different equipment including, the face mask, air filter, tubing and humidifier. All these components need to be cleaned and sanitised regularly to ensure that the patient receives purified air when using the machine at night.

The CPAP machine blocks the dust and other particulate matter present in the air and ensures that purified air reaches your airways when using the therapy. Therefore, you need to regularly check and clean the air filters to ensure you keep receiving purified air during the treatment.

The tubing and the CPAP mask are prone to moisture build-up over time. This could become a breeding ground for allergens and other bacteria that may cause issues. Therefore, you need to clean and sanitize the masks and the tubing at regular intervals to avoid any allergies when using the therapy. Here are the best ways to clean and sanitize the CPAP machine equipment for the best results of CPAP therapy.

● Clean the Mask and Tubing

When you use the CPAP machine during the night, your body releases various chemicals and natural oils which settle on the inner walls of the tubing and the mask. Over time, such deposits could reduce the overall performance of the cushion and the mask.

To ensure better performance in the long term, you need to wash the CPAP mask during the day in mild or warm water with a mild soap. If you do not have access to clean water and soap or are travelling, you can consider keeping CPAP wipes and using them to clean the tubing and the CPAP mask. In addition, you could use the tubing brush that allows you to clean the tubing gently.

After you clean the mask and the tubing, keep it for drying on a flat, clean and dry surface and away from direct sunlight. If you are using a chinstrap, you need to wash the strap regularly with the mask. You can even buy ResMed CPAP supplies online at MyCPAP.

● Maintain the Humidifier

If you are using the humidifier with the sleep apnea machines, you need to clean the water tubing of the humidifier every morning with warm water and mild detergent. Like the tubing and the mask, dry the water tube over a flat, clean and dry surface and away from direct sunlight.

When you refill the humidifier at night again, make sure to use distilled water to prevent the buildup of minerals in the tubing and the chamber. Maintaining the humidifier in good condition is crucial because it performs the critical function of preventing dryness in your mouth and throat while using sleep apnea machines. Therefore, clean the water tube regularly and appropriately to ensure the humidifier gives an optimum performance.

● Look for any Damages or Wear

After a few months, check the mask and tubing for any tear, wear or damages. Most common forms of damage include tears or small holes on the tubing or the face mask over time. Check for small holes, as even the smallest of holes cause significant leakage of air, which can compromise the CPAP therapy. Also, check the air filter in the CPAP machine. The buildup of dust and debris can obstruct the natural flow of air into the tube, which would affect the air pressure output. Moreover, an untidy air filter further degrades the air quality that enters your nostrils. Therefore, you need to regularly replace the air filter to ensure clean air enters the CPAP machine.

It is essential to clean the CPAP machine components regularly to achieve the best results from the CPAP therapy. To know more about the best ResMed CPAP supplies, visit MyCPAP today.