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How Often Do You Change Your CPAP Supplies?

How Often Do You Change Your CPAP Supplies?

Posted by Admin on 21st Apr 2022

You are undoubtedly aware that you need to regularly change your CPAP mask components, filters, and tubing. But what about your CPAP machine itself? How frequently should it be replaced?

Adequate, high-quality sleep is essential for preserving physical and mental health. Consequently, your CPAP machine is generally recommended to be changed after around five years of usage to guarantee maximum performance and outcomes.

Your CPAP device, like any other piece of equipment, endures typical wear and tear from nightly use. Your device must be in good functioning condition to get the most significant results. It is imperative to constantly look for signals that your equipment needs to be replaced.

Signs that your CPAP machine isn't working properly include:

● Your CPAP machine is noisy.

● You have started snoring.

● Fatigue and headaches throughout the day

● Having trouble falling asleep

● Having a dry mouth or a stuffy nose when you wake up

● Breathing difficulties due to airflow

It's essential to remember that CPAP therapy will only be successful if you stick with it and utilise your machine every night. Lowering your sleep apnea symptoms enables you to recover your quality of life and always surpass any disadvantages you may encounter.

Should You Repair it or Replace the CPAP machine?

CPAP machines may be costly to fix, and it is sometimes more cost-efficient to replace them. Another issue is that you do not want to be without your device for some time while it is being fixed. When you don't utilise your CPAP regularly, the advantages of nightly therapy disappear fast, and your symptoms will return.

The Advantages of Buying a Newer Model CPAP Machine

Newer machines include quieter motors and masks, lower air pressures, and better humidification, allowing you to sleep more peacefully. Our ResMed CPAP supplieshave an updated and user-friendly interface and access to sleep performance statistics.

At MYCPAP, we are the certified CPAP supplies in Australia. We have a range of cost-effective choices for yoursleep apnea. Even if you believe your machine is still in excellent working condition, it is good to consider updating it when you are eligible to guarantee your machine's reliability and have all of the newest comfort features.

If you need to buy CPAP machines online, you can get in touch with us today and share your concern. Our team will be there so get in touch and discuss whether its time to consider upgrading your CPAP machine with the latest and most updated version.