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How CPAP Machines Are Helping in the Treatment of Coronavirus

How CPAP Machines Are Helping in the Treatment of Coronavirus

Posted by Admin on 15th Mar 2021

CPAP Machine - A Definition

CPAP machines are also known as ‘sleep apnea therapy machines’ which use positive airway pressure to prevent the airways of the patients from collapsing, thus reducing the occurrence of sleep apnea while sleeping at night. The CPAP suppliesare prescribed to patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

Through this machine, pressurised air is directed through the airways of the patient through the mask fitted on the face, while sleeping at night. This pressurised air allows the patient to breathe comfortably while sleeping, thus reducing the instances of snoring or mouth breathing. Even though this has a positive effect on the treatment of sleep apnea, one needs to  buy a CPAP machine for it to work efficiently.

The CPAP machine is considered the best method of treating people suffering from sleep disorders.

How can the CPAP machine help in the treatment of COVID-19?

As per a recent analysis report, when doctors were researching the best way to treat patients with COVID-19, various mechanical ventilation and intubation methods were utilised to treat COVID-19 patients suffering from respiratory failure. Gradually, researchers discovered that the technique of ventilation provided poor outcomes. Therefore, the doctors actively considered the method of using ventilation that is non-invasive, such as the CPAP machine. This turned out to be an effective alternative to initial intubation.

To examine the effectiveness and efficacy of the CPAP machine with regards to the treatment of COVID-19, the team of doctors used all the materials available such as microbes filtration, to implement modifications in the functions of the CPAP machine. In essence, the doctors were able to trap the virus with the help of CPAP machines and prevent air contamination.

The lower pricing of CPAP machines in comparison to the mechanical ventilator provides a good alternative to hospital systems. Moreover, CPAP machines are available easily in a majority of health centres and hospitals. Using these machines can greatly decrease the health burden for various healthcare facilities among the lesser developed countries.

CPAP machines function like air compressors which use pressurized air to keep your airways open while sleeping and can help with inhaling and exhaling air. Many researchers and doctors consider the CPAP machine as a good solution to help COVID-19 infected people with shortness of breath.

Risks of Utilising the CPAP Machine

Even though CPAP machines aid people with COVID-19 and breathing problems breathe better, researchers have concluded that the increased use of CPAP machines on prolonged hospitalized patients has been linked to enhancing the chances of fatality. This is primarily due to the progression of the disease into more advanced stages, resulting in acute respiratory failure that cannot be effectively treated or managed with CPAP machines.

The CPAP machine can only help with breathing during the initial stages of COVID-19. But it does not help when the disease proceeds to the advanced stages, causing immense breathing conditions.

Moreover, the machines could help the virus spread due to the droplets leaking from the mask while breathing. Therefore, the machines have to be properly disinfected after every use, to restrict the spread of the virus. Hospitals can buy CPAP filters to serve this purpose.

Overall, the CPAP machines may help reduce the burden on mechanical ventilators by providing a good alternative to aid in breathing among COVID-19 positive patients with breathing difficulties. You must remember that they are a good alternative and not an effective solution to treat the infection, therefore, the CPAP machine needs to be used wisely and appropriately.

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