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Effective Ways to Stop Snoring With CPAP

Effective Ways to Stop Snoring With CPAP

Posted by Admin on 8th Sep 2021

The CPAP machine is recommended to solve the snoring problem. However, if you are still snoring even when using the machine, then there is something that needs to be done about it. Ideally, the CPAP machine significantly reduces snoring habits and breathing problems among sleep apnea patients. However, snoring during sleep when using the machine is an indication of a problem that needs to be solved to provide adequate relief. You can buy sleep apnea masks online at MyCPAP.

●  Sleep apnea or snoring

Snoring is a sign commonly observed symptom of the sleep apnea condition. However, most sleep apnea patients do not always snore when using the machine, which may indicate a different problem. In general, snoring during sleep is among the common signs of sleep apnea in male patients but not for female patients.

But the act is an indication of sleep disruption. However, it might not be a severe disruption compared to those caused due to sleep apnea. Nevertheless, frequent sleep disruptions could lead to stroke, high blood pressure and sleep deprivation issues.

Snoring is not a normal process of ageing. Therefore, you should not ignore the symptoms. The way you feel during the day after a night's sleep will help you differentiate between snoring and sleep apnea. Extreme sleepiness and chronic fatigue during daytime is an indication of sleep apnea. According to a recent study by a medical firm, people with sleep apnea who did not snore had a high rate of stiffness in the arteries. Therefore, snoring and sleep apnea should not be combined in all cases. And instead, they should be checked individually.

If you are snoring even when using the CPAP machine, you should consult your doctor and find out the reason for snoring and cure it.

●  The CPAP machine should help Stop Snoring

Snoring is not considered normal with the sleep apnea machine. Therefore, if you still snore when using the device, you then need to seek advice from the sleep specialist. Discuss the type of CPAP machine and the CPAP masks and their manufacturing. Do not try to adjust the CPAP settings without consulting your sleep specialist, as it may further impact your CPAP therapy.

Under normal usage, CPAP machines stop your snoring habit by delivering consistent positive air pressure in your airways to keep them open when sleeping at night. This way, the positive air pressure prevents any blockage in the airways due to the soft tissues and prevents the rubbing together of the tissues, which create loud snores. Therefore, your sleep is not disrupted as there is no snoring. Thus, you get much-needed rest and comfortable sleep at night. As a result, you wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

●  4 Reasons for Snoring with the CPAP

  1. The positive air pressure may not be amply strong to prevent snoring
  2. You breathe from the mouth when sleeping. You can then change to full face CPAP masks
  3. Your sleeping position may be impacting the proper functioning of the CPAP machine
  4. There could be air gaps in some areas of the mask, nose, or mouth

●  Ways to Stop the snoring when using the CPAP machine

    ● Check the air pressure in the CPAP machine: If you feel any inconsistencies or irregularities in the air pressure in the sleep apnea mask, then contact the sleep specialist to get it rectified. You may need one more titration examination.

    ● Change your sleeping position: Sometimes, your choice of sleeping position at night may result in snoring. The best sleeping position when using the CPAP machine is sleeping on the sides. The positive air pressure may find it difficult to open your airways when you sleep on the back. This may lead to snoring.

    ● You may be a mouth breather: if you are a mouth breather and you are using the nasal masks for your sleep apnea theory, you may still end up snoring despite undergoing CPAP therapy. Using a full face mask is the simple and best solution. Plus, you can enjoy the maximum benefits of CPAP therapy with the full face sleep apnea mask.

●  Snoring if not linked to Sleep Apnea

If snoring is not related to your sleep apnea condition, here are some effective remedies that you could implement to get rid of your snoring habit.

    ● Lose weight

    ● Treat your nasal congestion

    ● Do not consume alcohol during bedtime. It relaxes the throat and collapses it resulting in snoring.

    ● Sleep on the sides

    ● Get ample rest if you are overtired. This prevents the occurrence of floppier muscles if you are overtired.

    ● Stop smoking

    ● Elevate the level of the head by 4 inches with the help of pillows to keep your airways open

    ● Avoid any allergy medications or sleeping pills that relaxes the throat

    ● Stay hydrated; drink ample water to prevent any sticky secretions from clogged airways

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