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Effective Tips to Buying The Right CPAP Mask For You

Effective Tips to Buying The Right CPAP Mask For You

Posted by Admin on 15th Feb 2021

Types of CPAP Masks

There are CPAP masks for sale which are currently available in 3 types in Australia.

  1. CPAP Full Face Mask
    This is the most conventional design of mask used for CPAP therapy. This mask, as per the name, covers the nose, mouth and some area of the face. It is beneficial in providing the most protection against leaking by having a strong seal. It generally does not seal off easily without one having to take it off. This mask is being used widely at the moment. Some people may feel claustrophobic after wearing the mask. People also mention their activities like watching TV or reading may be hampered because of the size of the mask.

  1. CPAP Nasal Masks
    For people who like to read in bed, it can be tough to do so, considering the time that they will spend in setting up the CPAP machine. If they use a full face mask, there is a possibility that their line of vision will get affected because of which they wouldn't be able to read clearly. To overcome that problem, CPAP nasal masks have a more compact design that does not cover the whole nose, allowing you to read your material easily.

  1. CPAP Nasal Pillows
    If you are going to buy a CPAP mask online, you should try CPAP nasal pillows. Advances in technology challenged us to think beyond the common type of masks and find other ways of delivering the pressure right into the user’s air canals. The answer to this is nasal pillows. These pillows are not exactly a mask but they are small structures at the end of each tube that carry the air from a CPAP machine. The pillows have an opening towards the end of those tubes which might be inserted directly into the nose so that there is no obstruction during sleep.

What Should be Kept in Mind Before You Buy a CPAP Mask Online?

Now that we know about different types of CPAP masks for sale, one should consider the following things before they finalize and buy a CPAP mask.

  1. Comfort

Looking at what is comfortable for you, can help you make a choice. Checking the seals and checking if you can comfortably wear the mask for long periods of time should be a prerequisite of checking comfort with the mask.

  1. Sleeping Habits

Your choice of the mask will be dependent on your sleeping habits as well. If you are someone who tosses and turns in their sleep a lot, the conventional mask will not work.

  1. Sealing of the Mask and its Size

The size of the mask should be kept in mind before you buy CPAP masks. Depending upon the fit and level of pressure, a suitable mask should be selected.

  1. Treatment and Machine Specifications

If you are advised to start with a higher pressure of therapy, you will need a mask that can cope with high levels of air pressure. There are some machines which will have specifications related to their own masks. So depending on that, you can make a decision on what to use.

The key to having comfortable and successful CPAP therapy lies in choosing the correct mask. Keeping in mind all the things you can check various products at MyCPAP and make a final choice.