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CPAP Machine Maintenance: Filter Replacement

CPAP Machine Maintenance: Filter Replacement

17th Jul 2022

Your CPAP will need to be serviced continuously like any other equipment. One of the CPAP machine's most underappreciated parts is the filter. Regular CPAP filter replacement is critical for the machine's and the user's health.

What Is The Purpose Of A CPAP Filter?

The use of filters protects both your lungs and your machine. The CPAP machine pulls in air, filters it, and provides pressure to keep your airways open while you sleep.

Nowadays, CPAP machine filters in Australia can also remove debris from the air they breathe. Pollutants are filtered out of the machine's intake air before it gets to your lungs.

Is It Possible To Tell What a CPAP Filter Is?

Filters for CPAP machines are available in both disposable and non-disposable varieties. The vast majority of filters make use of nonrecyclable materials. Paper, woven synthetic, and polyurethane foam are the most common materials.

Filters need to be changed regularly.

It is recommended that you change the filters on your CPAP machine regularly. Purified air is vital for those with sleep apnea. Your machine will run better and last longer if you change the filter.

After each use, be sure to replace the ultra-fine disposable filters. Some health insurance companies will cover the cost of replacement filters every two weeks, depending on the coverage.

Once a month is recommended to clean non-disposable filters and replace the CPAP machine partsevery six months.

How Do I Modify the Filters?

Switching out your filters is easy. You'll discover the filters at the rear of your machine, where the fan takes air from the rooms. If you have a particular brand or washing machine, you might expect to find the filters near the back of the device.

Consult your equipment's handbook or the seller if you have problems replacing the filters.

Insert the thinner filter first, followed by the thicker one, if your machine can handle both types of filters. Reusable foam filters are utilised for larger particles, and disposable filters are reserved for tiny ones.


When using a CPAP, it is vital to use the most thoroughly cleaned filters possible to avoid breathing more allergens. Make sure your allergies do not disrupt your CPAP therapy.

The pollen count should be checked before buying a filter, especially in the early summer.

It doesn't matter whether the filter seems to be in excellent shape; it should be replaced at least once per month. You may purchase CPAP filters in Australia along with the accessories and equipment at MYCPAP.