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Backup CPAP Mask - Advantages That You Should Know

Backup CPAP Mask - Advantages That You Should Know

Posted by Admin on 18th Aug 2021

After you become comfortable with the CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device, you will become used to the feeling and the fitting of the CPAP masks when sleeping at night. A few people may have noticed some discomfort or irritation while using the CPAP mask. It is always better to have backup CPAP masksat home so that you can change your mask the moment you feel uncomfortable using the existing mask. In this article, we discuss the benefits of keeping a backup mask.

Do you require a Backup Mask?

Depending on the type of insurance coverage, the patient would be eligible to get the replacement on their CPAP mask after 3 months. However, experts do not advise patients to wait that long, as the replacement schedules of the CPAP mask is dependent on the shelf life of the CPAP supplies.

The oil from the facial skin could cause the CPAP mask to stiffen and break down. Therefore, it is vital for patients to follow the resupply program in order to get the full benefit of the CPAP treatment. In addition, this allows the patient the flexibility to opt to buy a CPAP mask as a backup in case there is a problem with the currently used mask.

Moreover, if your new mask is of a different type to what you are using now, then the option of a backup mask allows you more time to get used to the fitting and the placement of the new mask. If in case any problem arises with the old mask, you can swiftly change to the new mask without causing any delay in your CPAP treatment.

Benefits of CPAP Full Face Mask

If the patient is already using the nasal mask, they may enjoy a certain degree of freedom when sleeping at night; however, if they are new to it, they may have difficulties using the nasal CPAP mask. As a result, resting and sleeping with the nasal mask would become very difficult.

So, if the patient is suffering any kind of nasal congestion or blockage due to pollen, allergies, flu, sickness or other ailments, then their nasal passages would be blocked completely. As a result, they would find it very difficult breathing through the nose, and the option for them would be to breathe through their mouths.

In this case, a CPAP full face mask as the backup will significantly help the patient continue undergoing the treatment without any delays. Moreover, the full face mask also helps to clear the nasal passage with regular usage. Therefore, when your ailments improve, you can move back to the nasal mask. This way, you have the option of switching the mask if you face difficulty in treatment with one type of mask.

When the nasal passage is blocked or if the patient breathes from the mouth, then the nasal mask will not be able to provide the required oxygen. The CPAP full face mask, on the other hand, would be able to provide oxygen at the given air pressure.

Benefits of CPAP Nasal Backup Mask

The CPAP nasal mask allows patients more mobility during their sleep at night. Moreover, the mask covers significantly less region of the face, allowing more comfort during the CPAP therapy. The patient can sleep on their sides and make natural movements while wearing the nasal mask when sleeping at night.

CPAP nasal masksonline are smaller in size in comparison to the full face mask. Therefore, the nasal mask is more portable and easily transferable. It can be an excellent travel companion with your CPAP machine. Plus, with a nasal mask, there is less risk of leakages or the mask moving from its original position. This allows you to enjoy optimum air for breathing during the therapy.

The CPAP nasal mask covers very few areas of the face. So, if you want to watch tv or read a book while undergoing CPAP therapy before you go to sleep, you can certainly do so with the nasal mask. Therefore, the nasal mask is a great thing to keep as a backup for your CPAP therapy. You can make the most use of the nasal mask during summers and when you want to read before bed. It provides you with better flexibility than the full face mask that covers the entire area of the face and mouth.

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