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Resmed New AirSense 10 CPAP Series

Resmed New AirSense 10 CPAP series

Resmed have released their new range of CPAP machines called the AirSense 10 series. This has followed on form the successful S9 series and will stop manufacturing the S9 series of CPAP machines. The AirSense 10 series comes in both a fixed pressure version call the Airsense 10 Elite and an Automatic CPAP machine called the AirSense 10 Auto. The AirSense 10 Auto will come in both a white( For Her) version and the black standard version

The new key feature on these machines compared to previous models will be the inclusion of automatic upload of the data to their AirView platform. This allows for a clinician or CPAP supplier to access your clinical data in a more detailed way without you even being in their rooms. This makes diagnosis of problems people might be experiencing much easier and allows for changes to be made remotely. The AirView platform also has an App which can be loaded on your computer or phone and automatically connects to give you daily updates on your treatment. The App provides a more simplified version of the data and allows the patient to set daily goals. The added benefit of this feature is if you want this to be linked between CPAP supplier and your clinical team such as doctor or sleep lab this can be enabled.

The AirSense 10 CPAP machines also have  a heated tube with Automatic climate control which can also be switched to manual mode if required and also has a simple daily report which comes up on the screen when the machine is turned off. Resmed have simplified this to provide hours used and AHI ( events) which gives you the freedom to self report your progress. The big winner for this is the green smiling face which tells you if the mask is sealing well or the red frowning face to say there are mask issues.

This series of machines are very quiet and are reduced in size which makes the usage much easier. They come with an carry bag and also a SD card to record data separate to AirView.


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