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CPAP Machine Power Options

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  • Resmed S9 24V Dc-Dc Converter

    Resmed S9 24V Dc-Dc Converter

    The Resmed S9 24V DC-DC converter allows you to operate your device from a vehicle Cigarette lighter socket either 12V or 24v ( power socket) which is usually available in a car, boat or other vehicle with a suitable battery. The...

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  • S9 90W PSU ( Power Supply Unit)

    S9 90W PSU ( Power Supply Unit)

    The S9 power supply unit is exclusive to the S9 series as it has a connector that is exclusive to this series. The 90W power pack is essential to be able to power the ClimateLine tubing.

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  • Shop Resmed S9 Series DC cable Online in Australia

    S9 Series DC Cable

    The S9 Series DC cable is needed to be able to run the CPAP / VPAP machine from the power station. The Power station doesn’t come with the DC cable included and should be purchased with every purchase of the Power station. It has a connection point...

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  • Transcend P8 Multinight Battery Pack

    Transcend P8 Multinight Battery Pack

    The Transcend II is one of the best options you can choose from when it comes to portable power options. It is a very light battery pack that was designed to be used by the Transcend II CPAP machine only. Weighing in at just 900 grams, it is the perfect...

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  • Buy Transcend Solar Panel Online

    Transcend Solar Panel

    The Transcend II CPAP machine is one that offers you the chance to do things that you weren’t previously able to do. The solar panel folds out and makes charging very easy. You can use your CPAP machine anywhere if it is being charged by this...

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