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New InfoSmart Web Software

New InfoSmart Web Software

Fisher and Paykel have released a new version of their InfoSmart Software which is web based. The major benefit of this is the fact that customers who purchase an icon can now upload their data at home and it can viewed by the provider without them actually being in store. The benefit is that changes can be added remotely and reports provided to customers very easily. A customer needs to speak with their provider to enable this on the software and once the account is set up you can upload your data. The new data also has new features listed below

Introducing Flow Viewer

Get access to patient flow data for deeper clinical insight with Flow Viewer, the latest module in F&P InfoSmart™ Web.You will more easily distinguish between different sleep-disordered breathing events and pinpoint when each event occurred.

F&P ICON™ and ICON+™ Auto and Premo devices record high-resolution data provided that the InfoUSB is inserted into the device. The flow shape that is recorded can assist in areas where you are expecting:

  • Apneas
  • Hypopneas
  • Flow limitations
  • Central apneas
  • Cheyne-Stokes respiration
Flexible time interval selection
Flow trace selections analysed can be chosen from an entire session recorded or to within a 10-second interval.
High resolution
A single breath or pattern of breathing can be viewed at once.
Build your own report with the information you want, including selected dates and times.



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