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Resmed AirFit™ P10

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The AirFit™ P10 is known for the premium comfort it offers, as well of the sense of freedom it gives the wearer. It is an award winning mask that boasts to be 50% quieter than its predecessor the Swift Fx. If you are bothered by straps that always seem to get in the way, then you will appreciate that the AirFit™ P10has a split strap headgear, which ensures that the straps won’t get in the way.

The AirFit™ P10 comes with QuietAir™ which is a vent that directs expelled air away from both the wearer and their partner.

This mask was designed with comfort in mind. It is extremely light and durable, leaving room for patients to be free to move around without disturbing the seal. Made out of only three parts, this mask is easy to wear, dissemble and even clean.

The silicone seals provided come in three sizes which include small medium and large.




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