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Philips Respironics Amara View Full Face Mask

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Amara View Full Face Mask is the latest in the range of masks from Philips Respironics. The new design featured in this mask is meant to reduce incidences of discomfort, red marks and irritation on the nose.

This mask has been designed with the claustrophobic patient in mind. If you hate feeling enclosed while wearing traditional masks then this is your best option. Because it sits below the nose, but above the mouth, it allows room for wearing glasses, watching television and reading.

With their new design Philips Respironics offers a mask that is not only easy to assemble, but is innovative too. With just one click, you can easily remove the cushion and frame, letting you clean the mask without a hassle.

There are three cushion sizes that are available, and one frame size that fits all. Getting a mask that fits you has never been this easy. You should have no trouble finding a mask that suits your needs.

1090622 – Small Amara View Full Face Mask with headgear

1090623 – Medium Amara View Full Face Mask with headgear

1090624 – Large Amara View Full Face Mask with headgear



  1. Anthony Gagliardi

    Does the medium-sized mask include the mask as well as the strap and the small adaptor pipe?

    • Christian Rabatsch

      Hi Anthony, yes this is the whole mask. It includes the headgear and white tube that connects onto the mask and into the CPAP tubing.

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