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Devilbiss Healthcare SleepCube StandardPlus – Humidifier Version

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The SleepCube Standard Plus is a fixed pressure device which offers all the features of a SleepCube Standard device with the addition of Smart Flex expiratory relief feature. Smart Flex is designed to lower the average pressure throughout the night thus increasing comfort for the user and adherence to CPAP therapy. The Devilbiss Standard Plus is a very reliable machine and has minimal failures.

For additional comfort the DeVilbiss Flow Rounding feature is also included in the Standard Plus device and works by easing the transition between IPAP (inspiratory pressure) and EPAP (expiratory pressure) according to the user’s requirements. As with all SleepCube CPAP’s the optional heated humidifier can be easily connected to the base of the device.

The noise of this machine is rated up there with the quietest machine in the market and this will enhance acceptance by your partner.

Smartcode is a feature which enables the end user to be able to do a general download from the Devilbiss healthcare website. This allows the user to monitor their usage as well as AHI and leakage information. This download relies upon a code generated on the machine which gives a 1 day, 7 day and 30 day report. The report generator link can be accessed here

The Smartcode is a general download and for more extensive information from the machine a SmartLink module would need to be added. This is not included in the price

The heated humidifier is located on the bottom of the unit and can be removed if wanting to use without the humidifier. This is done simply by a push of a button and the machine and humidifier will detach. Most of the leading brands have detachable humidifiers however this one when detached adds nothing to the footprint as it is uniquely located below the CPAP machine. The chamber is removable for cleaning and can easily be opened for cleaning. It has a stainless steel base which will ensure longevity.

SmartFlex expiratory relief

The SmartFlex expiratory relief feature is available in the SleepCube StandardPlus and AutoPlus devices. SmartFlex increases patient comfort and adherence to CPAP therapy by reducing the pressure when the patient is exhaling. There are three available settings, each of which reduces the CPAP pressure by 1cm H2O during exhalation:

  • Setting 1 – reduction of 1cm H2O
  • Setting 2 – reduction of 2cm H2O
  • Setting 3 – reduction of 3cm H2O

SmartFlex can either be used for the whole night or simply during the ramp period to enable the patient to fall asleep more easily. If an apnoea, hypopnoea or a snore is detected SmartFlex will turn off and only resume once events are no longer detected.



Equipment included in this package

  • Devilbiss Sleepcube Standard Plus Machine
  • Standard 6Ft Tubing non heated
  • Carry Bag
  • Manuals
  • 1 x Ultrafine and 1 x Grey Filter
  • Figure 8 power cable
  • Standard 2 year warranty


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the SleepCube standard and Standard Plus
    The SleepCube standard CPAP device provides constant pressure throughout the night. The StandardPlus device offers an additional SmartFlex exhale relief feature which reduces the pressure on exhalation, thus improving patient comfort. In addition, the StandardPlus device also offers features such as flow rounding and event detection.
  • Is a voltage converter required to use the SleepCube StandardPlus device in a foreign country?
    A voltage converter is not needed because the SleepCube range of CPAP’s have a switch-mode power supply, which automatically adjusts to voltages from 100—240 volts and 50—60 Hz. It is, however, necessary to purchase the correct mains lead for the country you are travelling to.
  • Can I use my SleepCube in a motor home or boat?
    The SleepCube series CPAP’s can all be operated via a 12V DC power source. There are two 12 V DC operating options available: a 12 V DC accessory cable for a cigarette lighter in a car (DV51D-619) and a 12 V DC accessory cable for a stand alone battery (DV51D-696). Please Note: If heated humidification is used, the heater will NOT operate directly from a 12 V DC source. DC power can be passed through an inverter that will deliver AC power to the system (required 400 Watt / 230 V).
  • Is it possible to add supplemental oxygen to the CPAP therapy?
    Yes, supplemental oxygen can be added with the optional oxygen adapter attached between the unit and tubing (7353D-601) or if the mask is equipped with an oxygen port directly to the mask.
  • Where can the serial number and year of manufacture be found on the SleepCube device?
    The serial number for the device can be found on the underside of the device. For the year of manufacture please contact us directly.



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