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Apex XT CPAP Machine (humidifier version)

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The new CPAP machine from the XT series is so light; you can carry it around with you without even noticing. The fact that it is lighter does not mean that it is less effective. It still delivers the same amount of pressure like other brands.

At just 800g, this compact machine can easily be packed away for an overnight stay or even a long trip out of the country. The Apex XT comes with a built in power supply meaning it will be unlikely that you will find yourself rushing to get an external source of power. This also helps in reducing the weight of the machine. It is common to find that smaller CPAP machines tend to be very noisy; not so with the Apex XT which measures in at less than 30 Db.

It has been tested and is approved to treat sleep apnea by providing good oxygen levels. Most patients complain of the difficulty experienced in exhaling against the pressure, but the Pressure Variation Algorithm helps in making the inhalation and exhalation a lot more comfortable.

A large reservoir capacity makes cleaning the humidifier a breeze. This machine can be washed in the dishwasher and also comes with 6 heater settings.

The compliance software that comes with the machine is used to monitor pressure levels, apnea levels as well as mask leakage. Knowing that their apnea levels are being monitored is a huge advantage for most patients.


• Ramp feature

• Humidifier settings from 0-6

• Very quiet, less than 30Db

• Leak compensation

• Pressure Variation Algorithm

• SD for storage of data




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