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Philips Respironics Dreamstation Auto CPAP (without humidifier)

$2,299.00 $1,399.00

The newly released DreamStation is a product from Philips, a company that has been manufacturing quality products for decades. As compared to previous models, their new DreamStation will appeal to more in the looks department thanks to its new look. The white color of the units has them looking modern and classy. You can see Philips personality in the design of this product.

The DreamStation was designed with a minimalist concept in mind, meant to blend in with the rest of the room. The unit has a display screen that shows information such as pressure levels, apnea levels and mask leakage. After you wake up, you will have the previous night’s report ready for you.

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When it comes to communication, the DreamStation has almost all angles covered. The DreamMapper is an application from Philips Respironics which enables you to upload data from your machine to various devices. There is Bluetooth that you can use to connect your machine with your phone, computer or tablet. WiFi is also available in the event that you find yourself in the middle of nowhere but need to upload data to your machine. The final communication option you have is purchasing a cellular modem which goes for $150. Data from the modem will be uploaded to the application an hour after you have finished using your machine.

The application is meant to motivate patients to be more involved in the treatment of their sleep apnea.

There have been numerous complaints from CPAP users concerning the difficulty of breathing against the pressure. The machine has both A and C Flex with the former meant to help patients to inhale and exhale against the pressure, while the latter works by helping patients breathe against the pressure. This feature helps in providing comfort to patients.

Another issue faced by CPAP users is the difficulty of sleeping with high air pressures. The SmartRamp feature makes it easier for patients to fall asleep by reducing the machine’s pressure levels. Unless the patient experiences obstruction in their airway, the SmartRamp will ensure that the pressure levels remain low throughout the night.

An additional feature that will come to the aid of many is the new diagnostic tool. Many a times patients return their machines back claiming that they are faulty, only because they hadn’t learnt how to use their machines properly. The diagnostic tool will run a quick check to determine whether everything is in working order.

Because it is an automatic machine, it will adjust the pressure levels to match what you need. As a customer, you will experience comfort that comes from not having to breathe against high pressures. It has a unique algorithm which helps it determine the right amount of pressure you need.

Even though you can use Bluetooth, WiFi and a cellular module to connect to the machine, there is still an SD card for data storage. This card can help show data for the previous 7 days, including the breaths you take.


• 4 to 20cm H20

• Quiet product, measuring at less than 30Db

• Both A and C Flex for easier breathing

• It is 63% quieter than other brands

• Leak compensation

• Supports multiple languages

• SmartRamp

• SD card

CPAP Package includes

  • CPAP Machine
  • Standard tubing
  • Reusable filter
  • Disposable ultra-fine filter
  • SD card
  • 60W power pack
  • Carry bag
  • Standard 2 year warranty
  • Manuals


Philips Respironics

Additional information

Minimum Pressure Setting

4cmH2O, 5cm H2O, 6cm H2O, 7cm H2O, 8cm H2O, 9cm H2O, 10cm H2O, 11cm H2O, 12cm H2O, 13cm H2O, 14cm H2O, 15cm H2O, 16cm H2O, 17cm H2O, 18cm H2O, 19cm H2O, 20cm H2O

Maximum Pressure Setting

4cmH2O, 5cm H2O, 6cm H2O, 7cm H2O, 8cm H2O, 9cm H2O, 10cm H2O, 11cm H2O, 12cm H2O, 13cm H2O, 14cm H2O, 15cm H2O, 16cm H2O, 17cm H2O, 18cm H2O, 19cm H2O, 20cm H2O


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