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Apex XT CPAP Machine (without humidifier)

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Have a trip somewhere and are worried about leaving your CPAP machine behind? The new XT series offers a CPAP machine so small and lightweight that it can easily fit into the palm of your hand. Its size does not compromise on its quality, as it still delivers the same effective therapy as larger machines.

Weighing in at just 800g, the Apex XT has now made traveling much easier. This light and compact machine can easily fit into your overnight or travel bag. No external power supply nearby? The Apex XT needs a figure 8 power lead as it relies on its own built in power supply. This also helps in reducing the weight of the unit. Despite its small size, this unit is very quiet, unlike most CPAP machines its size which tend to be very noisy.

Its quality can be guaranteed as it has been tested to prove that it is effective in aiding patients suffering from sleep apnea. It also helps in providing proper oxygen levels. A common complaint with most CPAP machine users is that it is difficult having to breathe against the pressure during exhalation. This is not the case with the Apex XT thanks to the Pressure Variation Algorithm which makes breathing more comfortable.

Compliance software is made available with this unit and it helps in recording important data in relation to the machine’s usage. This data includes mask leakage, apnea levels, and pressure levels.


• Automatic Altitude Adjustment

• Ramp feature

• 4 to 20 cm H20

• Leak compensation

• Pressure Variation Algorithm

• Very quiet machine

• SD card for data storage




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