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Apex XT Auto CPAP Machine (without humidifier) + free wizard mask

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Users will be excited to know that this product comes with a free Apex wizard mask. This unit is portable and lightweight. It easily fits into the palm of your hand. This product delivers the least amount of pressure for your ensured comfort.

It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling overseas or going for a short overnight stay at your friend’s, the Apex XT has got you covered. Furthermore, it requires no external power supply as it has an inbuilt power source. This further helps in reducing the weight of the unit. Despite the fact that it is so small, it does not compromise on sound. It makes no noise at just 30Db. This is incomparable to other small CPAP machines that make a lot of noise.

The Apex XT’s algorithm has been tested to help ensure that it provides maximum comfort and proper oxygenation to the user. The challenge most users face is breathing out against the pressure, but with the Pressure Variation Algorithm, it makes this easier.

It comes with compliance software that can be used to monitor how the machine has been used, mask leakage, apnea levels and pressure levels. This helps in giving the user peace of mind in helping them know that their apnea levels are monitored at all times.


• Leak compensation

• Ramp feature

• Very quiet, less than 30Db


• 4 to 20 H20

• SD card for memory storage


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