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DeVilbiss Healthcare – SleepCubeBilevel S (humidifier version)

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• This product is suitable for patients who require high pressures of around 25cm.

• Monitor your machine remotely using SmartCode technology.

• Flow rounding technology that allows for easy switch between EPAP and IPAP pressures.


This product stands out for being one of the few on that market that has a SmartCode feature, is extremely quiet and has a small footprint. If you are looking for a machine that will meet your requirements, then you don’t need to look any further.

If you do not need any backup rate, and are on the lookout for a product that offers high pressures, then you have found the right one. You can choose from 3 to 25cm H20 pressure. Additionally, this machine is capable of regulating EPAP and IPAP pressures. Whether you need a CPAP machine or a BIPAP machine the SleepCubeBilevel S can be both. What’s more is that it comes with a 3 year warranty.

One of its key features is that it has a flow round technology. This allows for the EPAP and IPAP pressures to interchange easily. The speed and frequency with which this is done lies in your hands as you have the option of 1-5 settings.

The SleepCubeBilevel S has the ability to determine what kind of respiratory issues you may have in relation to air obstruction. It will be able to detect, among others, hypopneas, apneas and central apneas. It comes in the form of an alpha-numeric code specific to your machine which can then send the information to the DeVilbiss Website. The website will store your information as a way to track your progress while using the machine. In the event that your doctor will require information such as leaks, pressure and other factors, your machine will be able to give them to him/her.

It is one of the quietest BIPAP machines. Other features it will have include an on/off button, a humidifier, and a ramp.


• Flow rounding technology 1-5

• 3-25cm H20

• Warranty of 3 years

• SmartCode

• Heated humidifier

• Leak compensation

• Ramp time


DeVilbiss Healthcare


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