Apex XT CPAP Machine ( Without Humidifier)

Apex XT CPAP Machine ( Without Humidifier)

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  • Fixed pressure CPAP machine
  • Palm sized and light weight design is perfect for the traveller
  • Delivers same effective therapy for full time usage
  • Quietest travel CPAP option available today
  • PVA  - Pressure Variation Algorithm to make breathing easier
  • Compliance software makes monitoring of usage available


Product overview

The new XT series CPAP Machine is so small it can be carried in the palm of your hand. It delivers the same effective pressure with its fixed as the main leading brands.

The Apex XT weights in at just 800g to make travelling easier whether it is an interstate visit or a long overseas trip. The Apex XT also has built in power supply which means it only needs a figure 8 power lead and no external power supply which also reduces the weight of the unit. Usually with smaller CPAP machines they tend to be noisier than the larger units however this one is whisper quiet and has a rating of less than 30Db

This Apex XT CPAP has been clinically tested to prove it will treat sleep apnea effectively and maintain good oxygenation. The Pressure Variation Algorithm is designed to provide exhalation relief to assist with breathing against the pressure to make usage more comfortable.

Compliance software can be used with this unit to monitor usage, AHI ( apnea levels), pressure levels and also mask leakage. This provides peace of mind for the commercial driver such as a truck driver or those just wanting to make sure their apnea levels are under control.


  • 4 - 20 cm H20
  • Quiet unit which is less than 30Db
  • PVA Pressure Variation Algorithm - settings 0 - 3
  • Ramp feature 0 - 45 minutes
  • Humidifier option is available
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment 
  • Leak compensation
  • SD card - on board memory for download and reports

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