Philips Respironics Dreamstation Auto ( Humidifier version )

Philips Respironics Dreamstation Auto ( Humidifier version )

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  • DreamStation is almost 40% lighter than the latest CPAP machines
  • DreamStation is 63% quieter than the other leading brands of CPAP machines
  • The DreamStation is 30% smaller than other leading brands
  • DreamStation Auto does fixed and automatic modes.


Product overview

Celluar Data module available for an extra $150

Philips Respironics has been a world leader in automatic CPAP technology for many years and they have just released their new DreamStation. The new DreamStation is very consumer friendly and it has a new fresher look to their previous units. The new white finish and easy to open humidifier has certainly taken this to a new level. The  new colour display gives this the hallmarks of a top quality machine. Philips has finally put their stamp on this comsumer style product.

The DreamStation Auto has a sleek low-profile design which is designed to minimise the footprint on your side table with a more elongated footprint. The vibrant colour screen displays lots of daily information including the AHI, Mask leakage, and 90% pressures. Upon wakening the screen will show you comparison charted data comparing the last few days of usage. Philips research shows this motivates users to use more and improve compliance.

Communication options are endless. Philips Respironics have an App called DreamMapper which can be uploaded to computers, phones and tablets.The DreamStation has a standard bluetooth modem built into the unit and can connect to your phones and tablets as well as home computers with blue tooth enabled. The Wifi modem is suitable for upload of data also and is helpful in areas of weak cellular coverage. The last option is the Cellular Modem which will automatically upload the data to the App one hour after usage has completed.

The DreamMapper App allows patients to take a more active role in thier sleep management by providing data at thier fingertips. The data motivates users to use more and goal setting is possible within the App

C Flex, A Flex are standard again in the DreamStation and assist patients who find it difficult in breathing against the pressure. The C Flex allows for exhalation relief and the A Flex allows for both inhalation and exhalation relief which patients find more comfortable. This technology is well proven with their previous models.

SmartRamp is new to the DreamStation and allows the patient to fall asleep on lower pressures than standard ramp modes. The air pressure will remain low until the patient experiences obstructive events. The SmartRamp responds with the patented algorithm to resolve the patients apneas. 

This unit comes standard with heated tube and heated tube humidifier.The software in the machine has the option of either fixed or adaptive humidification. The adaptive humidification monitors the room temperature and allows for variation according to room temperatures and humidity levels. The machine can also be put to fixed humidity levels where the tube temperature and humidity level can be altered. 

Exclusive to this unit is the new on board diagnostics tool which assist patients with troublehsooting. On average 25% of devices returned are not faulty which creates difficulty for the patient as they have to arrange for the machine to be returned and assessed. The on board Performance Check will provide a simple Pass or Fail result which provides peace of mind or knowledge there is or isnt a fault with the unit

Like most automatic machines it adjusts the pressure according to your needs. Many customers report increased comfort from not needing excessive pressures all night. It also gives you assurance you are getting the pressure needed for each individual night.

It's in-built algorithm guides the unit to adjust the pressures according to the patient's needs and now has advanced detection so it can detect and report unusual breathing issues.

Despite all the new options for upload of data their is still the SD card. This allows for downloading of the machine and will report in depth data for the previous 7 days while recording extensive machine usage. It also has a flow report that shows every breath you take. It leaves nothing to chance.


  • Simple to use with easy clean chamber
  • 4 - 20 cm H20 auto adjusting
  • DC compatible
  • Quiet unit which is less than 30Db.
  • Philips claim this is 63% Quieter than the Airsense 10 from Resmed
  • A Flex, C Flex +, C Flex - settings 0 - 5
  • Multiple Languages - English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese
  • Smart Ramp, Set ramp time 0 - 45 Minutes
  • Humidifier has Adaptive and fixed humidity levels where it adjusts to the room temperature and humidity to prevent condensation
  • Leak compensation
  • SD card - on board memory for download and reports cheyne stokes breathing, central apneas, obstructive apneas and hypopneas, snoring and leakage levels.

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